Screen Mirroring & Other iPhone Functionalities you Wish you were Told Before

There are numerous factors that set the iPhone apart from the rest of the competition, but the primary factor is the set of features and functionalities that iOS, the operating system of iPhones, offers users. Each version of iOS packs tons of top-tier features and functionalities that make it easier for users to perform any activity on their iPhones. Moreover, to ensure users have the best experience, Apple rolls out a significant software update every year. As per Apple, the upcoming iOS 16 will offer numerous new and appealing features and functionalities, including redesigned widgets, a revamped focus mode, multiple redesigned native applications and numerous similar additions. There are numerous iPhone features and functionalities that many users are still unaware of. This article will shed light on some of the best features and functionalities available on every variant of the iPhone that not many users know about. Let us get started:

Mirror your iPhone’s Screen

iPhones’ screens deliver exceptional performance and facilitate users’ seamless content-consuming experience. However, there may arise instances where users require sharing their iPhone’s screen’s content with other individuals. There are numerous ways following which iPhone users can share their screen’s content, but the most convenient method is using the iPhone’s screen mirroring feature. 

The powerful built-in functionality of iOS makes it convenient for iPhone users to share their device’s screen by projecting it onto another device, such as a TV. Users can easily enable the screen mirroring feature using AirPlay, Apple’s native functionality for sharing videos, photos, music and many more things from numerous devices, including iPhones, to TVs, speakers, etc. Suppose you are an iPhone user and wish to cast your device’s screen on your TV. In that case, all you need to do is open your smartphone’s Control Center, tap on the Screen Mirroring Icon, select the TV where you wish to cast your screen, and enter the Airplay password to mirror your iPhone content on your TV. Besides this, you can also use a Chromecast device to mirror your iPhone’s screen to any supported device. Moreover, you can also choose to mirror your iPhone’s screen using Roku, another famous streaming player. To know more about how to mirror your iPhone’s screen, visit

Change the Default Browser and Email Application

Every iPhone’s default web browser is Safari. Even though it is a great web browser that offers an authentic and seamless web browsing experience, some users may prefer using other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Similarly, iOS’s native Mail application is the default email app on any iPhone. In this case, too, users can choose to change their default email app from the native Mail app to any third-party application of their choice, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. All the user needs to do is open their iPhone’s Settings utility, crown down and click on the browser app or email app, tap on it, and then tap on the “Default Browser/Mail App” option and choose the application which they wish to set as the default utility. This functionality of iPhones facilitates users to have a more customized experience. 

Hide Unnecessary Applications

Apple’s App Store is home to millions of applications belonging to different categories, which users can download and install on their iPhones. However, even though users may download many apps due to their excessive availability, they may not want them on their smartphone’s home screen. Thankfully, Apple offers an easy way for users to hide apps from their home screen conveniently. All an iPhone user needs to do to hide any application on their device is tap on the app’s icon, hold it, tap on the “Remove App” option in the pop-up menu, and select the “Move to App Library” option. Hiding apps from the home screen makes the screen look cleaner and tidier and helps users become more mindful of their smartphone usage. 

Charge your iPhone Faster

All the latest iPhones feature fast charging support, which makes it very convenient for users to charge up their phone quickly and use it throughout the day without worrying about the battery running out. However, there is a simple yet effective way to charge iPhones even quicker. All the user needs to do is turn on their iPhone’s Airplane Mode before plugging it in to charge. Turning on the Airplane Mode automatically turns off the device’s Bluetooth, WiFi, cellular network, etc., which allows the phone to charge faster. It is an efficient way for users to charge their iPhones, especially if they have less time. 

iOS, in addition to being highly polished and immensely appealing to the eyes, features top-tier functionalities that facilitate users to perform even the most complex tasks with ease. If you wish to utilize your iPhone’s features to the best of its capabilities, try using the top-notch iOS functionalities mentioned above.

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